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Commercials and Corporate Image Films

  1. Jules Vanderburg - "The Wedding Necklace"
    Custom jewelry designer, Julie Vanderburg wanted a commercial spot capturing the lusciousness of her unique pieces. Shot on location at her studio in Seattle and in Sayulita, Mexico.
  2. Jules Vanderburg - "Sergio"
    Custom jewelry designer, Julie Vanderburg, wanted a vehicle to showcase the art behind creating a one-of-a-kind piece through her studio. Shot on location in Seattle and Sayulita, Mexico.
  3. Accolade Corporate Video
    An outward-facing overall branding piece that had to touch on all aspects of this fast evolving health care concierge's services. Ikeda/Vanderburg utilized multiple shoots and 3D graphics to tell this client's story.
  4. Jules Vanderburg - Holiday Spot
    A holiday-themed commercial for couture jewelry designer Jules Vanderburg that was launched via social media.
  5. Eric Miller & The Easy Winners - EPK
    Seattle-based recording artists Eric Miller & The Easy Winners commissioned a video piece to promote their new album utilizing a live performance at the legendary Pink Door and recording at Studio Litho.