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*Go to our RECENT page to see new work for Seattle Shakespeare Company,
a documentary for Hilton Embassy Suites Hotel, Accolade, and the most recent episode from our
on-going series for ACRS.

You’ve all seen it.  A big budget movie with an award-winning cast, fantastic special effects and a theatrical score to boot.  But the movie still tanks.   The script was weak, the characters didn’t connect emotionally with the audience, or something just didn’t feel complete.   The bottom line, the STORY wasn’t there.   No matter how you package it, if your core story is not there, all you have is fluff.   Video campaigns work ONLY when there is an emotional hook that draws your audience in.    If the compelling story is there, your audience will watch your message…and they will take action.
Ikeda/Vanderburg is the expert in finding that story for you.  Our goal is to create a narrative that leaves your audience wanting to know more about your work, organization
or services.  Whether it is a big budget corporate branding piece, a small budget campaign trailer, a fundraising vehicle for your next gala, or an artist profile for a gallery we are there to collaborate with you on delivering your message.
Sometimes the simplest of projects have the biggest impact. 
Let us find your emotional hook.