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The Ikeda/Vanderburg Difference


We take the time to get to know you.  If it means we are filming a child who needs to sit down with us weeks in advance to just touch the camera so she won’t be scared – that’s what we do.  If it means we need to spend time just sitting in your company watching how things tick – that’s what we do.  If it means reading your annual report and digging through your archives to find a different way to communicate your history or metrics, that’s what we do. Our goal is to identify your special energy to make that come alive on screen. 
Brad Vanderburg and Alice Ikeda share nearly fifty years of film and documentary production experience between them.  Brad began his career working in Hollywood motion picture marketing working on such 'A' list projects as MASTER & COMMANDER, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, MOULIN ROUGE and WALK THE LINE.  Alice Ikeda started her career as a reporter for NHK Japan and PBS.  She continued with years in documentary production as part of the pioneering international HDTV crew and Digital Consortium for PBS that led to the current DTV standards in the United States.   Alice and Brad initiated their creative collaboration in 2006 with the television documentary ABSOLUTE EVEL hosted by Matthew McConnaughey for the History Channel.  Since then Brad and Alice have worked on numerous documentary television programs including the ground breaking Emmy nominated A&E hit series HOARDERS.  

Brad and Alice's broad experience in non-fiction narratives give them the unique ability to present an organization's story by appealing to their audience's emotions to capture their hearts. 

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